In 2010, SMCS Group was offered an opportunity to enter the renewable energy space, and formed a joint venture partnership with renewable energy company, Global Green International Investments (GGII). ┬áThe vision was to use GGII’s patented Advanced Fast Pyrolysis technology, to contribute to the conversion of the world’s vast quantities of solid wastes generated each year, into clean and renewable energy, as the world moved towards net zero emissions.

With a focus on South East Asia, SMCS Group and Global Green International Investments combine to deliver bankable, low-risk turnkey waste-to-energy projects that produce carbon negative, renewable clean energy, that is environmentally, socially and financially sustainable.

Today, our renewable energy vision spans across South East Asia through our joint venture company, Green Energy Investment Mekong (GEI Mekong) and via non-operating ventures in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


We hold an investment and joint venture interest in an undeveloped waste-to-energy project in Latrobe Valley, owned by Bioplant Limited in Australia.


We hold a 40% shareholding in a joint venture focusing on converting MSW, rubber and plastics into electricity, synthetic diesel, hydrogen and biochar.


We are a non-operating joint venture partner of the Savannakhet MSW 2 line all-diesel waste-to-energy project in Laos PDR.


In Indonesia we hold investment interests in undeveloped, pipeline waste-to-energy projects across the country.


Looking to convert vast amounts of waste into renewable fuel, we hold a joint venture interest in projects in the Philippines.


With the help of the Australian Government Department – Austrade, we are currently exploring opportunities in Vietnam