SMCS GROUP is a founder and joint venture partner in GEI MEKONG, a Waste-To-Energy business that has interests in projects both operated and non-operated. Using patented Pyrolysis Technology, our assets and projects focus on municipal and industrial waste management projects in countries with waste management issues.


Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

GEI MEKONG is looking to build 2 x Hybrid pyrolysis lines that will process and convert 150 tons of industrial waste per day into 4MW’s of electricity and 24,000 litres of synthetic diesel (EN 590) per day.



GEI MEKONG is assessing the opportunity to build and operate a waste-to-energy (Pyrolysis) facility that will initially process approximately 140 tons per day of municipal waste generated in Siem Reap. The project will start with building 2 initial pilot lines, then upscaling the pilot to increase capacity in phase 2.


Vientiane, LAOS

GEI MEKONG is part of a joint venture project to build a waste-to-energy facility at the landfill site that will manage the municipal waste being delivered to the site and convert the waste into 8MW’s of electricity, 45,000 litres of bio synthetic diesel & light machine oils per┬áday.


Savannaket, LAOS

GEI MEKONG is part of a joint venture project and is seeking to raise project finance for a unique investment opportunity in Savannakhet, Lao PDR. As part of the Governments Waste Management Strategy, the Facility will be built with one GGII Twin-Pyrolysis chamber diesel production line. It will produce 15,000 litres of renewable diesel (EN590 Grade) per day.