LinkedIn – Stopping Fraudulent Profiles

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Following on from my last blog where I discussed the issues with social media and cowards using fake, masked profiles to hide their identity whilst insulting and often bullying other social media users, there is also the massive issue of individuals using fake social media profiles to commit crimes, namely fraud and deception.

In the past 5 days I have received 3 requests from 3 different individuals who have wanted to connect to my LinkedIn network and whose profiles have indicated that they are working for reputable investment and project companies. Upon conducting some background research, which I do for all people who wish to join my professional network, I have found that all 3 individuals have fake and fraudulent LinkedIn profiles.

What is more disappointing is that upon reviewing the fraudulent profiles, I can see that some legitimate people, who I personally know and who hold very high and influential positions in large companies, have already connected to the fake profiles – meaning that they have just accepted the request without knowing who they are connecting with.

Of course it is always the responsibility of any individual to ensure that they are connecting with known and legitimate people, however it still emphasises the concerns I have with social media and the companies who run the social media platforms like LinkedIn, when they do not create social media platforms that have systems in place that ensures any person who registers or creates a social media profile, has to provide documentation and evidence confirming their legitimate identity.

Social media is an amazing tool that is allowing good people all over the world to connect and share ideas; however it is still too easy for cowardly and criminal individuals to use social media using fake and hidden identities. Social media companies need to take more responsibility and improve their creations before more people are insulted, defamed, bullied, defrauded and deceived.