Wow! What a Year – My 2014 Highlights

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I know we all say it, but wow! – what a year it has been.

I thought it would be a fantastic end to 2014 by sharing some of my highlights for the year and summarise some of the great things that have occurred around the SMCS Group.

Without doubt, the highlight of 2014 for me personally was the birth of my daughter Isabella on the 11th January. I had already been extremely privileged to become a father of Theary my adopted 9-year-old daughter, but then came along Isabella. The strength and happiness she has brought into our life is indescribable.



“Becoming a father is one of life’s amazing privileges that all men should cherish in their lifetime”

SMCS Group achieved some fantastic results in 2014, continuing the positive growth of the company.

The signing of a joint venture agreement with Global Green International (GGI), to build green friendly factories that convert waste rubbish to clean energy will not only assist in fixing waste issues in developing countries but also provide a much needed boost to energy supplies.


The launching of SMCS-RISK, a risk management and corporate solutions company has allowed SMCS Group to diversify its portfolio. Immediately the company worked with local authorities and seized large qualities of counterfeit medicine in Cambodia.

Stopping the sale of counterfeit medicine in the world is something I feel very strongly about and I hope the SMCS-RISK team has many more successes in 2015.


What has been your highlight in 2014? Have a happy but safe new years celebrations, and here’s to an even better 2015.