Why Are Used Tyres Still Going To Landfill

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Used tyres are still being dumped into landfill?

The ABC News reported that Australia produces millions of used tyres a year but many still go to landfill. In Langford, Tasmania, there over 1 million used car tyres  laying in an open area.

“The question I ask continually, is why are used tyres laying in open areas or being dumped into landfill sites all over Australia when we have proven technology that will convert the tyres into renewable products like synthetic diesel, electricity or hydrogen?” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Group.

SMCS Group’s ‘GGII Advanced Fast Pyrolysis Technology’ can process 70 to 100 tonnes of waste tyres per line per day. Each Pyrolysis line, depending on its configuration, can produce up to 4MW of electricity, 15,000 litres of synthetic diesel, biochar or and hydrogen.

“The issue is not about reliable technology that converts waste tyres into renewable energy. We have proven technology. It’s the bureaucracy and non-commitment of local government to support private companies in providing the solution”. Morrish said.

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