Safe Feet Thanks To the New Bison Footwear Range

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If you aren’t wearing good quality safety boots then you aren’t serious about safety. SMCS SAFETY has added a fantastic new safety footwear range to it’s list of safety products called BISON footwear.

Based out of New Zealand, Bison are career footwear designers with decades of collective experience. Their philosophy focuses on minimising slip and trip hazard and maximising the FIT, GRIP and COMFORT in their footwear.

BISON are a subsidiary company under the Paramount Safety Brand – one of Australia’s leading safety manufacturing companies.

As an exclusive distributor in Australia and Cambodia for Paramount Safety, SMCS SAFETY is able to provides its clients with a massive range of PPE and workplace safety products at very competitive prices.

“We are super excited about adding Bison Footwear to our already huge range of safety products. Given that the footwear is made to the highest Australian standards and are very price competitive, I expect that sales in footwear will grow very quickly.” said Steve Morrish. CEO of SMCS GROUP.

The BISON footwear range offers a lace-up, zip sided safety boot, elastic sided safety boots and a range of steel toe gumboots.

To speak to SMCS SAFETY about the new Bison footwear range or to order your pair of Bison safety shoes, please contact SMCS SAFETY via email. Visit SMCS SAFETY’s website to see the full range of our products.