Negativity – No Thanks!

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I was asked a few days ago by a friend – “How do I stay so positive even when things become so negative?”

Well it’s simple; I make sure I surround myself with positive people and I make sure that I don’t let negative people talk down my dreams and ambitions.

We Are What We Think Concept

I want to be around people who enhance my positivity. I want to associate with friends who think positively like I do; and I want to be with people who have passion, believe in themselves and dream big like I do.

So much time and energy is wasted dealing with negative people.


Negativity is contagious and being around negative people will bring you down. Being negative is easy and negative people are often negative because they are scared to dream, scared to try something new and scared to take a chance. Being negative is their safeguard against failure.


I promise myself everyday that I will not be negative. If my daughter comes to me tomorrow and tells me she wants to climb Mount Everest, I will help her climb it; if she tells me she wants to be a ballerina I will support her, or if she tells me that one day she wants to be in the Olympics then I will tell her that anything is possible if she believes and wants it to happen.

So 2015 is the year that I surround myself only with positive people, with people who will enhance my dreams and ambitions and tell me that what I want to achieve in life is possible.



Dreams do not come true through negativity, so why would you want to be around it?

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