Express Your Opinion – Create A Blog

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In 2014 I created my own website and started writing my own blogs about topics that I felt strongly about, expressing my opinion and views on an open forum.

The creation of my blog not only allowed me to express my views but it also encouraged me to read books and conduct research on topics that I wanted to express a view or opinion about, thus increasing my knowledge about various subjects, and on some occasions altering my initial opinion on a topic when I became more informed.

The creation and explosive use of social media by millions of people around the world has meant that everyone has been given a forum to express their views and opinions. However I believe that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have made people express their opinions and views in a very negative and in many cases mis-informed manner.

People’s views and opinions have become emotional responses to another persons views & opinions, influenced by constant negative, biased and one sided media, instead of being informed opinions influenced by their personal experience and supported by research, evidence and facts.

It’s why I love writing my blogs and why I believe everyone should write a blog of their own. Writing a blog is a positive way to express your opinions & views on a particular topic or subject, and allow other social media users to debate and comment on what you have written. But to present a balanced view and engage the views & opinions of readers that are not just responding with emotional reaction, you must research and support your views with facts, evidence and case history. Doing so will strengthen your point of view and reduce the ability of readers to rebut your viewpoint.

It’s easy to just respond to someone on social media with an emotive response. I still do it sometimes myself and I have to stop and think about what I am writing, but in most cases my responses are based on my personal experience and research.

So in 2019, my plan is to continue my blogs. I am aiming to write a new blog every week from today. I look forward to sharing my views and opinions with you and I look forward to hearing your responses.

Happy Blogging Everyone!