Embrace Your Fear And Turn It Into Success

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‘We all have a fear of failure but very few of us use our fear and turn it into success’

Over the years I have had my own fears like leaving school before I completed year 12 to get a job, resigning from the police force and moving to Cambodia to start an organisation that fights child abuse, and worrying about starting SMCS Group or closing down related companies when they have failed.

Transform Fear Into Action Concept

But I have learnt that fear of failure is always driven by 2 things;

#your pride and worrying about what others will think about you,

#and negative influence from others who are too scared to take a chance themselves.


When I look back on some of my failures and how I feared what others were saying about me, I shake my head and curse myself that I gave any of it any of my energy. Because today my fears have been embraced and I have turned my fear into success.

If you fear taking a chance then embrace it and turn it into success. Sure, listen to comments from other people but never let their fear control your actions.