Climate Change – Truth or Myth? It Doesn’t Really Matter.

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Climate change – is it myth or truth?

Well the answer to that question is it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we all do our best to protect our environment and ensure its sustainability so that our children and our children’s children can see and enjoy the earth’s wonders.

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I love the great outdoors. Every chance I have, I try to get outside. Whether I am out running along the river trials of Melbourne, fishing near the volcanic islands of Papua New Gineau, dirt bike riding throughout Cambodia or visiting the some of the worlds most beautiful coastlines, it all involves being outside and enjoying our magnificent environment.

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And I often ask myself the question – what would my family and I do if we couldn’t enjoy our environment?

I am disappointed that we as a global community seem to be concentraing so much energy and time, arguing about whether or not, climate change is real, constantly debating how much damage it is causing our environment, with governments, companies and experts arguing on what must be done to sustain our environment but continually on the merry-go-round of inaction. We could be doing more of the little things that would make a massive difference to enhancing our environment.

“The time for procrastinating is over. Individual action will make a massive difference to our environment.”


Why aren’t we focusing on stopping littering and the dumping of rubbish into landfill?

Why aren’t we removing plastics and waste that have clogged our waterways?

Why haven’t we reduced logging of our forests, instead planting more trees and increasing more protected wildlife areas?

Why aren’t we working towards globally minimizing the use of paper in business?

Why aren’t Governments doing more to stop poaching of our precious wildlife?

These are all real efforts the global community can make that will increase the sustainability of our environment and their affect cannot be debated.

So Climate Change or not, it doesn’t matter – its time for each of us to do our small part to help sustain the environment.

What are you going to do?

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