Children – Our Most Precious Asset

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I have been saddened to read several news articles over the past year where parents have left their young children unattended in a car, resulting in the tragic death of the child through heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Only yesterday I read another heart breaking article about a mother in the USA who due to being so busy attending to her daily tasks, forgot that her young son was in the car, resulting in his death from heat stroke.

I am never one to take advantage of the loss of life of children in order to write a news article, nor am I one to sit in an ivory tower and criticise the mistakes of parents who have suffered the tragic consequences of their actions, especially when I am not aware of the full circumstances of what occurred.

Happy group of kids

However a strong message needs to be sent out to all parents around the world. Children are our most precious asset! It is often very difficult to get pregnant in the first instant and we are very lucky when they arrive in this world in good health. For at the least the first 7 years of their life they are totally dependant on their parents and need full supervisions and care.

So this message comes from me as a parent of two young daughters. Its imperative that every parent takes care of their children no matter what the circumstances. There are no excuses for leaving your children unattended in a vehicle, even if it is for 30 seconds. Stop and think and remember that your children are relying on you for unconditional care and support.

So every time you have your children in your car, think about the repercussions of leaving your child unattended and remember that once they are gone, they are never doing back.

I hope that everyone will share this message with all of their friends and family.