Cambodia Ministry of Tourism Xray Tender

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SMCS RISK has submitted a tender for the Cambodia Government, Ministry of Tourism, new tourist ferry port in Kampot, Cambodia.

The $10 million port, funded by a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), is set to occupy 4 hectares in the province’s Teuk Chhou district. Construction on the port will take about two-and-a-half years and, once completed, the new facility would be able to service cruise ships from neighbouring Vietnam and Thailand.

SMCS RISK, a part of the SMCS Group of company’s, is the exclusive distributor in Cambodia for Smiths Detection, has submitted a tender to supply and install two Hi-Scan Xray Inspection machines.

The tender, valued at in excess of $187,000 usd, will provide training to Immigration officers stationed at the ferry port on how to use the x-ray machines correctly and and provide on-going service & maintenance for the machines.

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