Business – We Are Obligated To Do Better

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The environment is the lifeline of our existence and yet we seem to be trying our best to destroy the very thing we need to survive. As robust as it is, our environment cannot sustain the constant punishment it receives from humanity.


森林伐採Air pollution, devastation of our forests, desecration of our oceans and exhausting our natural resources are all in overdrive.

I am no ‘dooms-dayer’ but common sense tells me that there has to be a tipping point, if we haven’t already reached it, where we will not be able to reverse the damage to our environment.

We certainly are obligated to do better. The damage being done to the environment is all driven by humanity so there is no reason why we can’t make changes to the way we live and reverse the damage.

And it all has to start with business. We can’t rely on Government, we can’t expect individuals to carry the load, we as business owners need to lead the way and ensure that we implement processes and procedures necessary to do our bit to protect the environment.

Business needs to change its way of thinking and stop putting our bottom line before anything else. We need to embrace the concept that changing our business in a way that compliments the environment whilst remaining commercially viable, uses more green energy and stops pollution and waste entering the environment is not only commercially sustainable but it is absolutely necessary for the preservation of our most valuable asset.

Polluted riversI love the environment and I hate to think that because of my selfish actions, my children and their children will have to deal with the damage to the environment I have left them.

In 2015 SMCS Group is taking action and is making our business more environmentally friendly. We will be asking our clients, partners and key stakeholders to do the same.

This really is a no brainer – without our environment humanity doesn’t exist.