Your Children’s Love – Its Empowering

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“There is nothing more empowering than feeling the love my children have for me.”

Even at times when you have to say ‘No’ to your children or administer some discipline as they learn how to grow into beautiful human beings, their love is unwavering and unquestionable.

IMG_1706The look on their faces, their smiles and real desire to be close to you is something that cannot be explained to a person who has not yet had the privilege of being a parent.

Im sure that most parents who read this will be asking ‘why is Steve stating the obvious?’.

Well its simple. What should be obvious,  is not obvious to many of the individuals who continue to abuse and mistreat their children. Every day you see media stories from the around the world about parents hurting or even killing their children, abandoning their parental duties and not doing everything possible to protect and keep their children from harms way.

Their is nothing I would not do for my children. I would walk through fire to help them.

So how can people hurt their children, kill their children and not do everything humanly possible to protect their children when they have their unwavering?

Are these people lacking basic humans qualities? Is there a chemical imbalance in these people that causes them to act this way? or is it just simply that some people in our society are just not up to parental standard, lack the basic human instinct of protecting their young and should not be allowed the privilege of having children?

IMG_1824There is no excuse! There is absolutely no excuse! Blaming a rough upbringing, stating that drugs caused you to harm your children, saying that there was no other option but kill my children or making any excuse that blames everyone else but yourself is simply not acceptable.

I dare anyone to debate this with me. I dare anyone to try and justify that there may in some circumstances be a justified reason why someone has hurt their children.

I dare you!