Using Technology To Improve Media

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Society’s attitude towards privacy and personal data has changed over recent years and SMCS GROUP, through its partner Solv Technology, is changing the way technology can be used to help companies and individuals be less reliant on personally identifiable data for media campaigns.

Until recently, online advertising has developed using personally identifiable user-level data. This means that people’s personal data has been stored on servers and then sold to advertisers who wanted to target people with particular attributes via online ads.

SMCS GROUP has launched ELCT in Australia, a platform of overlapping disciplines; Research, Media Planning and Message Creation. SMCS will offer its technology to politicians in order to help them better understand their constituents and better plan their campaign strategies.

Using ELCT technology to review peoples activity on the Internet, ELCT is able to capture the aggregate behaviour of the population at large, and allow politicians to customise their narratives for specific groups during their campaigns.

“It is expected that sometime in 2021, Google and Apple will both take significant steps to limit the way personally identifiable data is collected and used online. Given that ELCT does not use personal user-level data in targeting advertising or in its research, I believe ELCT will be an invaluable tool and resource for politicians in Australia who want to deep dive into what Australians are researching online.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS GROUP.

Traditionally, Politicians and their teams would use old style data collection to ascertain key information relating to their political campaigns. Door knocking, surveys and phone calls would generally be used to ask questions of selected groups in the population. Not only are these methods labour intensive, but their results are often incorrect and not reflective of what the greater population is feeling.

ELCT technology will change all of that without having to use any personally identifiable data.

For more information about Solv Technology or ELCT, please contact SMCS GROUP via email.