Supporting The National Breast Cancer Foundation

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SMCS GROUP has started support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

One of the five pillars of the Group’s support for individuals and communities that face daily challenges is ‘Live Healthy, Live Long.’

A huge challenge that many men and women face in Australia today is Breast Cancer. 53 Australians are diagnosed every day and over 3000 people will die this year from this terrible disease.

Inspired by Shuly, Theary and Isabella Morrish who are very passionate about supporting initiatives that improve women’s health, SMCS GROUP has commenced support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia with financial support for an initial ongoing period of 2 years.

“Breast cancer affects so many women. I have friends and family who have been affected by this disease and being the mother of two daughters, I feel very passionate about helping stop this cancer.” said Shuly Morrish.

If you would like to know more about SMCS GROUP’s community programs please visit the Community¬†page on our website.

To support the National Breast Cancer Foundation Directly, please visit their website.