Raising Awareness For Prostate Cancer

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In August this year, SMCS GROUP’s CEO, Steve Morrish committed to raising awareness and funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundations ‘Long Run’ initiative.

The initiative involved people committing to complete 72km’s of exercise in the month of September. Steve, being an avid runner, not only committed to running 72km’s for September and raising $500 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, but he ran an extra 30km’s, achieving 100km’s for the entire month.

“Im approaching 50 and it has made me pay closer attention to my health. I have family and friends who have battled prostate cancer so I was quite passionate about doing this initiative. I was very happy with running 100km’s and so thankful to everyone who supported me and donated money.” said Steve Morrish.

SMCS GROUP would like to congratulate our CEO Steve Morrish on undertaking and completing this very important initiative and raising awareness about Prostate Cancer.