Working With Integrity

For 15 years we have strived to build a reputation that is respected for not only the results we achieve but for how we achieve those results.


Anti-Corruption Compliance

Anti-corruption compliance is an important part of our operational framework. We are determined to act as a key stakeholder in fighting corruption.


Competition Law Compliance

Anti-competitive behaviour hinders the development of everyone in the community. We are committed to complying with all competition laws.


Interacting With Governments

SMCS GROUP operates in numerous geographical jurisdictions. We maintain ethical relationships with governments and their officials.


Respecting Human Rights

Respecting human rights is not only law, its the right thing to do. SMCS GROUP ensures respecting human rights is at the core of our business.


 Trafficking & Child Protection

Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery is a blight on our society. SMCS GROUP supports the abolition of these crimes.