My 5 Rules Of Air Travel Etiquette

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Is there such a thing as air travel etiquette? Many of us would like to think that there should be a rule book that clearly outlines what air travel etiquette is but unfortunately there isn’t one and airlines seem to be becoming lax in the enforcement of their guidelines.

The world has become a lot smaller thanks to air travel and so to has the the increased number of air travellers flying around the world at any given moment of the day.


But there seems to be a growing number of travellers who clearly lack a level of etiquette when flying. Air travel is all about respecting other people who are on the plane with you. Unlike a bus or a train, you can’t just jump off the plane mid flight because you are not happy with a person next to you.

These are my 5 top rules of air travel etiquette.

1. Carry on luggage doesn’t mean the ‘kitchen sink’. You can’t carry onto the plane 3 bags, duty free shopping and other items that take up a whole overhead compartment, leaving no space for other travellers.

2. Dont recline your seat back at full speed without at least letting the person behind you know what you are about to do. Its all about courtesy.

mature businessman putting luggage into overhead locker on airpl3. Common sense would tell you that pushing your feet, knees or legs into the back of the seat in front of you may be annoying to that person sitting in front of you. Keep your feet and legs on the ground.

4. Unfortunately engineers at Boeing haven’t worked out how to have planes that allow passengers to wind down the windows. You may not care about your foot odour but others around you certainly do. Don’t take your shoes off if your feet stink.

5. And my final rule is respect the fantastic staff who try their best to make our travel comfortable. Air staff are not slaves and they should not have to deal with rude travellers or obnoxious idiots. Speak politely and act respectfully.

So next time you travel on a plane, just remember that its all about respect.

What are your rules of etiquette on air travel?