Lighting Up Workplaces With SMCS SAFETY

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SMCS SAFETY is lighting up workplaces in Australia since thanks to its new safety brand partner MiCone.

MiCone is an Australian company that manufactures a unique LED, solar powered flashing safety cone.

Available in blue, green, red and yellow, the MiCone safety LED lights can last up to 45 hours of continuous flashing with 8-9 hours of daylight and full charge.

SMCS SAFETY will offer MiCone safety cones to all of its clients in Australia and Cambodia.

“These are a fantastic product. The products are sturdy, durable and made to withstand all types of weather conditions. Im very keen to present MiCone to our clients and advise how they can improve safety at their worksites.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS GROUP.

With visibility often a common factor in workplace safety incidents and road safety incidents, MiCone can greatly assist in clearly marking out delineation areas.

“These will be a great product to have for any company who has vehicles on the road, particularly trucks. Using MiCone whilst broken down on the roads or whilst stopped in a low visibility area, will greatly reduce the risk of hazard.” said Morrish.

To enquire about MiCone products in Australia or Cambodia please contact SMCS SAFETY.