At the core of SMCS GROUP’s ethos is ensuring that any business we undertake, works towards not only growing value for our company, but also benefits and value adds to the lives of the community we operate in. SMCS GROUP is the exclusive partner in Australia for SOLV Technologies, a creator of unique IT platforms designed to provide custom messaging to highly targeted audiences.

Would a quick and easy way to communicate information to members of the public in a particular location help you with your inquiries? Would it help you to find a missing person or child faster? Would it help you find a witness to an incident immediately? SOLV is a cost effective, fast and easy to use solution that communicates your alert to members of the public via a ¾ screen advert.

ELCT solutions is a platform of overlapping disciplines; Research, Media Planning and Message Creation. Our fact-based approach begins with mining massive data samples to create insights, market segmentations and specific messages. Delivering a custom narrative to engage highly targeted audiences.