Honour and Loyalty – A forgotten Code

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Has Honour and Loyalty become a forgotten code?

My theme for 2015 has been about being positive, not letting negativity hinder your dreams and dream big, get big. Those three key ingredients are to me the backbone of your life and key to ensuring success as an entrepreneur.

But with all this positivity and fantastic advice from influential people on how to grow your business and become a successful entrepreneur, there is often some very important advice that is missing.

Honesty Concept on Golden Compass.I’m talking about the forgotten code of Honour and Loyalty. Having honour and being loyal are the two most important attributes that any individual must have in life and business. No matter what happens to you in life or in business, providing you have honour and have been loyal to friends, family and business associates, no-one will ever be able to question you as an individual.

I came across some very evil people during my career as a police officer, with even the lowest criminal following the code of honour and loyalty. However, in 2005 when I resigned from the police force and entered the world of business, I walked into a vipers pit.

Never before had I encountered so many people with no honour, no loyalty and very few values. Never before had I encountered individuals who spoke with a forked tongue and who would sell their soul to better themselves.  And never before had I encountered so many individuals who had lost their moral compass.

Many of the most successful business people and entrepreneurs will on the facade present a welcoming, trusting and easy to work with appearance. However underneath that fascade is a battle hardened defense, strengthened through time in business, fine tuned through experience and made impenetrable through personal encounters with disloyal and dishonourable people.

business handshakeAnd this is why I ask the question. Has loyalty and honour become a forgotten code? I have come across my fair share of disloyal and dishonourable friends and work associates and I am quite certain that I will come across a lot more as I grow my business and become more successful, however the frequency of these encounters is growing.

What makes people become dishonourable or disloyal? Is it greed, is it selfishness, is it jealousy or is it just that a simple matter of the human race having a percentage of people who will do anything for self preservation and self betterment?

Whatever the reasons are, if you are to be regarded as a good person in life and you want to become a successful business person or entrepreneur you need to ensure that you never lose your honour and loyalty. Without these two attributes, you are just another face in the crowd.