Getting knocked down – a tough business lesson to learn

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We have all heard it – “getting knocked down or failing is a necessary lesson to learn if you are to succeed in business”.

Well unfortunately, like many of us, I have witnessed getting knocked down first hand, and even though I agree with the concept that it will make me stronger and better in my business ventures, its not a lesson I want to go through more than once.

Sure, getting knocked down and being in a very low place has made me so much stronger and instilled in me an unrelenting desire to be better, to succeed and to ensure that I don’t make the same mistakes ever again.

But getting knocked down brings with it emotive feelings of anger, disappointment, bitterness and distrust of others that do have a lingering taste and are often very hard to let go.

But the key to getting knocked down in business is embracing the failure, getting back up on our feet, analyzing our mistakes, setting new goals and objectives, and doing everything better the second time around.

Don’t be fearful of failure, its normally only our pride that is most affected. Believe in yourself and remember that when success comes – getting knocked down will be just a memory and a good story that you can pass onto others.

“Dare to dream, don’t fear failure, take a chance and you will become great”