Bullet Resistant Vests For Professionals

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Since becoming the partner in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam for high performance body armour and protective clothing company PPSS Group, I have constantly been asked by numerous professionals to explain the difference between good & poor quality bullet resistant vests and why, when your life is on the line, its so important to know that the vest you are wearing is going to save your life.

What I tell professionals when discussing our bullet resistant vests is that first and foremost, PPSS Group is led by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals with 100+ years of operational frontline experience in governments, elite military forces, police, prison riot teams and personal protection, making them experts in the field of bullet resistant vest design, development and manufacture. Their expertise and understanding of bullet resistant vests is emphasised in this recent article written by PPSS Group Founder & CEO Robert Kaiser.

Unfortunately, in countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam where SMCS Risk operates, I often see professionals in the police, military and government agencies performing their duties whilst wearing poor quality bullet resistant vests or in many cases performing their duties without any bullet resistant protection at all, resulting in serious injury or loss of life.

PPSS Group bullet resistant vests are manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2008 quality controlled conditions and have the highest ballistic NIJ ratings available, protect the wearer against full contact shots and provide protection against Taser. The vests are made from highly advanced ultra-resilient European ballistic material as well as ground breaking temperature controlling Outlast space technology, making the vests the ideal choice for armour in hot and humid environments.

So the question I ask people who put their life on the line during their employment – if that time comes when you are performing your duties and the difference between you going home and not going home is dependent solely on the vest you are wearing, are you confident that your vest is going to do its job? If the answer is no, then I suggest you stop wearing your current vest and upgrade it. More importantly, if your employer doesn’t provide you with any bullet resistant protection then I would be demanding that you are given a vest because you wont get a second chance.

Not many CEO’s would be prepared to put their life on the line to show how well their products work. Thats why I know that PPSS Group bullet resistant vests are the best on the market and I have no hesitations in recommending them to all professionals.